The HERO...2012-13

the Hero in January 2013

In January 2013, photographer Michael Tagles ventured into Bay Center, Washington (45 miles north of Astoria, with a population of 174) in January 2013. He admired this boat enough to take some photos...this one...

the starboard side of the Hero in January 2013

...and this one as well. These are © him and used by special permission, credit!

Below...a few photos that Dick Wolak took during his December 2012 visit:

HERO lab spaces
The laboratory spaces...
galley table
...and a galley table.
engine room
Here's the engine room...we're looking from port to starboard...across the long-dead port engine.
The HERO in December 2012
This is Dick's view of the Hero in December 2012.

In May 2013 there was a gathering of Dick Wolak, Jay Morrison, and myself (in Kingman, AZ) to review and discuss the Hero. The status quo didn't change for awhile...until September 2014 when we got some disquieting news.