Hero 2015-16: Götterdämmerung?

...or salvation...

the starboard bow

On 21 November 2015, Genevieve McDonald and her husband visited Bay Center. She sent these photos.

The dock and ramp didn't look safe.
silted in

Obviously silted in. A local fisherman told them that the channel was only 10 feet, and that she draws 14 feet. They were also told that the owner had abandoned her, and that the Coast Guard has requested she be removed.
starboard quarter

The starboard quarter.
hero shot of

Genevieve's husband Cory. He is the grandson of George Trundy; George and two other men from their community were on the Hero's maiden voyage in 1968.

Hero veteran Tom DeVries stopped by in July 2015 and shared the following photos:
A starboard quarter view, which also shows that fishing happens here.
stern view
A closer look at the dilapidated stern.
A view of amidships, and that dilapidated gangway...
the starboard bow
...and the bow.
wheelhouse and covered ice bridge

The wheelhouse and the covered ice bridge.
the wheelhouse

The wheelhouse from another angle.

What happened next? Well, In January 2016 the Hero was put up for sale.