Palmer Station Winter 2007

Palmer 2007 winter crew
Above, 16 people left at Palmer for the winter (photo by Shawn Vainio)

snow joke

This picture is from the 2007 Midwinters Day greeting card...some of these folks left the station on the
LMG on 18 June. The greeting card photo was taken by Shawn Vainio, with layout by Sara Russell.

Here's the list of names:
Maggie Amsler      
Craig Aumack     
Will Beyer
Cathy Borowsky
Philip Bucolo
Ryan Centko
David Cochran
Lana Cohen
Diane Curran
Cindy Dean
Dave Denny
Mark Furnish
Shawn Kelly
Robert Kummelehne
Steve Kupecz
Paul Kyllonen
Rich Lichtenhan
Bede McCormick
Karen Malesky
Jon Martin
Janice Martin
Alan Maschek
Red Mathiason
Dave Minor
Eric Pohlman
Sara Russell
Dan Simas
Phil Troska
Shawn Vainio
Ryan Wallace
Dave Weimer
  Here's the original unedited greeting card (566k).