Palmer Station Winter 2010

these folks ate well

The chosen 2010 Palmerites...

Back row: Perri Barbour, Keith Reimink, Bede McCormick, Andrew Williams, Jonathon Miller, Steve Sweet, Sean Bonnette, Jack Anderson, and Neal Scheibe.
Middle three: Corey Allard (on the left, sitting, wearing the green/gray jacket), Malcolm Arnold (we call him the Ninja because he's always wearing black) and Philip Clark near the right edge, kneeling behind the front row.
Front row: Thomas Galles, Lisa Trotter, Robin Solfisburg, Clair Von Handorf, Chris Seliga, and David Barud.

Below is the captioned version sent around as the midwinter greeting:

come visit

And here is the framed photo as it appears on the wall:

the framed photo

This image has been distorted and adjusted a bit in an attempt to show off the frame (the original).

The midwinter dinner menu:

eat up

The uncaptioned picture is from this NSF news page; the framed version is from Glenn Grant; the captioned photo, the list of names, and the menu (and the food) are courtesy of cook Dave Barud.