Palmer Station Winter 2011

don't keep us in the dark

This photo, taken in September just before the end of the winter, is the one that ends up in the gallery of you know what.

Left to right...
Eddie Quintanilla - mechanic/boating coordinator
Bede McCormick (back) - comms tech
Jack Anderson (front) - UT
Harry Snyder - carpenter
Rob Lyons - electrician
Damien Henning (back) - cargo lead
Perri Barbour (front crouching) - station manager/FEMC coordinator
Clair Von Handorf - hazardous waste specialist
Mindy Piuk - lab supervisor
Neal Scheibe - research associate
Bamma Mellot - cargoperson
Keith Reimink - cook
Anthony Andrade - mechanic
Steve Sweet - network engineer
Steve Untracht - physician

Palmer on the rocks

Above, the midwinter picture greeting which was sent around to the other Antarctic stations...

Below, the menu for the amazing feast that Keith Reimink prepared for the occasion!

pumpkin ravioli!

With help from Neal Scheibe, thanks!