Palmer Station Winter 2013

2013 winterovers
Above...the official 2013 winterover photo! An amazing group shot with thumbnails, put together (and provided to me) by Dave Anderson. I'm impressed! Here is a larger (1.9 mb) version...and I've got a much huger one available upon request. Thanks, Dave.

Palmer Station 2013 midwinter greeting photo
This is the 2013 Midwinters Day greeting card, sent out to all of the other Antarctic stations.

No people are in the photo above...well, it wasn't winter yet. The celebration included 50+ people, including crew and other folks from the LMG, which (while absent from the above idyllic photo) was in port for the festivities.

The LMG had been scheduled to head north on 27 June, but the departure was delayed until 2 July to allow for a bit more progress by the crew constructing the boat ramp...among other things.

The 22 folks who stayed behind when the LMG left:

  Juliet Alla
David (Dave) Anderson
William (Jon) Charczuk
Robert (Bob) DeValentino
Matthew Dinon
Mutjarin (Gift) Glimchit
Rhiannon Henning
Michael (Mike) Hiller
Urjeet Khanwalkar
Ashley Nelson
Daniel (Dan) Nielsen
Jon Olander
Sean O'Neill
Janice O'Reilly
Cedar Reimer
Michael Rousseau
Brand (Harry) Snyder
Yuki Takahashi
Graham Tilbury
Ryan Wallace
Madie Willis
Darren Yates

the framed 2013 w/o photo
Here's a view of the framed w/o photo from Glenn Grant.