Palmer Station Winter 2014

2013 winterovers
The 2014 winterover photo, taken up on the crow's nest. And everyone is there...

Front Row (left to right): Graham Tilbury, Denise Walters, Julian Race, Rick Armendariz, Adina Scott, Craig Bell, Bill Stiner, Mike Hiller, Nathalie Le François, Linnah Neidel and Joey Preston.

Back Row (left to right): Ryan Andres, Malcolm Arnold, Bob DeValentino, Shawn Kennedy, Eileen Sheehan, Kris Perry, Ildi Incze, Jon Charczuk, Chuck Menadelook and Jason Spann.

The original was a .png file and the facial colors seem slightly different. If you want to judge for yourself, here's a small .png file (768kb) and the original (9.8mb).

Palmer Station's greeting card

Unlike most recent seasons, there was not a Gould call before midwinters day...on 15 May the last summer and early winter visitors departed, leaving 19 souls on station until 29 June (Antarctic Sun report by Linnah Neidel)...hence there isn't a group photo of wintering and about-to-depart folks...only the midwinter greeting card seen here...from this Antarctic Sun article.