Fabry-Perot Interferometer room in Terralab


Installing drywall in the new enclosed central darkroom in Terralab.

wet paint

Painting the walls...
sticking up

Putting in one of the doorways...

This room was constructed in the center of the trianglular Terralab to house a darkroom; an enclosure was constructed on the roof above to house the instrument...a Fabry-Perot interferometer. This will measure mesospheric and thermospheric neutral winds (upper atmosphere winds). The principal investigator is Qian Wu, here's the 2010-11 science planning summary page on the project. This is an NCAR (National Center for Antarctic Research) project, a bit more information is here (scroll down a bit).

At the end of the winter an opening was cut in the roof for an enclosure to provide sky access for the instrument. The interferometer was installed in November by Qian Wo and Andrew Watt, and it has been running well ever since.

Photos above thanks to Neal Scheibe...