The rec hut...

the rec hut in October 2012

Here's a late October 2012 view of the rec hut overlooking Arthur Harbor (photo from Stacie Murray).

This somewhat venerable (?) structure had been originally constructed by friend Thumper (Jim Porter) during the 1990 winter, back when Arthur Harbor was a good bit smaller. I met up with him again in April 1990 on my last visit to Palmer--we'd met earlier at Siple Station in January 1988. Richie Skane had a lot to do with this project, although neither he nor Thumper told me about it. The structure turned out to be a popular evening and overnight retreat--even more so after Old Palmer was demo'd in 1990-91. Anyway, the dampness of the area contributed to mold, which eventually contributed to a decision to declare it unsafe for overnight occupancy. But local sentiment and management prevailed, and approval was obtained to reconstruct it.

inside wall of the original hut

Here's a view of the original inside wall as the reconstruction was underway (Zee Evans).

Thumper shared with me the details about its original construction (the story and photo of the original hut).
demo of the original hut in progress

This is what the demolition looked like...the carpenter involved with the rebuild was Ted McKinley. The new hut was built on the same foundation, although it was a bit wider than the original (Zee Evans).
view of the hut from the harbor side
A harborside view of the hut as of October 2012 (Bob Farrell).
an inside view
Here's an inside view (Steve Wickins)...
view out the window
...and another (Steve Wickins)...
view from the door toward the side window
...and a look from the doorway toward the side window (Steve Wickins).
the rec hut in 2008
Flash back a's what the hut looked like in
2008, before renovation This photo is by and © DJ
Jennings, used by permission.
the rec hut in March 2017
And now...flash ahead to March 2017. Here's an awesome new photo of the hut, impressively composed by Keri Nelson, who reported it was in almost constant use in 2016-17.

All of the photos except for Stacie's and DJ's are thanks to Bob Farrell. Steve's pictures were taken on 21 October 2010. Thanks!