Palmer Station Signpost

sign of the times

The big picture!

sticking up

Here it is, mounted on... well, let's see. If you look closely you'll see the seawater pumphouse in the background.
all signs point to the sauna
Okay, it is on the utilidor near the sauna, as you can see here with the biolab and aquarium in the background (JL).

all points
A closer view of the front of the sign.

sticking up
Another view showing the bottom of the sign.
Palmer Station sign
..and the backside, showing the 2010 winterover sign.
this way to Denver
This way to Denver!
where it is
The main identifying sign at the top. Extra room was left at the
bottom for future additions.

Signposts such as this were popular at Pole and other inland stations in the older days, but this is the first time one appeared at Palmer Station. The folks who created the various signs and the signpost:

  • Andrew V. Williams - South Pole, Palmer Station, Winter 2010
  • Chris Seliga - general carpentry
  • Perri Barbour - Denver
  • Bede McCormick - Punta Arenas
  • Dave Barud - McMurdo
  • Lisa Trotter - Stonington
The information and photos all came from 2010 winter manager Lisa Trotter (who is now Lisa Kelley), except for the one from Jenna Luek (JL). Thanks!