2011-12 fuel tank projects

the station in 2010
The station as it appeared with the white fuel tanks in 2010...
the station in 2012
...and the way things looked in December 2012.

Above are the larger images showing the fuel tanks before and after they were painted. The photo on the left was taken by Peter Rejcek on 2 January 2010 (and is from the NSF Antarctic Photo Library); the photo on the right was taken by Glenn Grant on 4 December 12 and is cropped from the current cover photo on this website.

An attempt at cleaning the waxy fuel from one of the tanks was made early in the 2011-12 summer, but after the true scope of the job became evident, a team of fuelies showed up near the end of the season to complete the job. Their activities were well documented by Nell Herrman, a PolatTREC teacher working with the UAB project team led by James McClintock, Charles and Maggie Amsler (B-027-P) studying the effects of changing ocean conditions on seafloor organisms. His descriptive report about the tank-cleaning activity with photos and video--is here.

'before' and 'after' views of the fuel tanks

The killer whale art appears to be unchanged...although members of a whale-tagging project (B-206-E), who arrived on the Point Sur in February 2013, pointed out that it was graphically incorrect.