Palmer Station Winter 2022

2022 winterovers

Above, the 2022 winterover photo with thanks to Marissa Goerke and Ken Keenan! The list on the photo is in order from
left to right/top to bottom (large size file, 6.2mb). An alphabetical list:
  Eric Alward
Kim Bernard
Bill Burns
Jon English
Zee Evans
Nerissa Fisher
Julia Fontana
Ryan Gasik
Matt Glover
Ken Keenan
Angela Klemmedson
Joe Left
Mark Mican
Carissa Northrup
Kris Perry
Ben Rosen-Filardo
Dave Scheuerman
Bronson Stein
Mike Stovall
Shawn Wilson
Giulia Wood
Below, the midwinter greeting card sent around to the other Antarctic stations.
The top photo is of/from Ken Keenan on his first ski on the glacier in May...with auroras! Palmer midwinter greeting