The 2018 winterover frameup

The 2018 winterover photo in its constructed frame
The framed 2018 winterover photo, complete with an amazing bit of station construction art at bottom...
created by Richard Osburn, Joshua Neff, and Ian Mannix. So..let's look at the frame art construction:
the selection of wood pieces
The selection of raw wood pieces that Richard had to work with.
assembling the pieces
Piecing things together atop of the photo art model.
starting to lay out the pieces of Palmer Station
Starting to lay things out.
precision work cutting pieces out
Some precision work cutting out the pieces.
creating the fuel tank image
Creating the fuel tank image...
the fuel tank logo image
the biolab image
The biolab/left side of the construction...
the GWR and fuel tank image the GWR and fuel tank side.
Palmer folks looking at the finished framed photo
Some of the Palmer folks looking at the completed photo/frame.

All of these photos were shared by Richard Osburn...thanks!