Palmer Station Winter 1978

Team 78

Holmes & Narver
Mike Beeman                     Power Plant Mechanic
Victor Bravo                    Paramedic
George Fitzsimmons              Facilities Engineer
Pete Harding                    Station Manager
Casey Jones                     Chef
Joe Parr                        Communications
John Billey           VLF       Stanford University
Jim Punches           LIDAR     University of Nevada
Robert Whinnery       Radar     University of Nevada

Source: w/o photo and George no 
Antarctic Journal list was published. Rufus Zogbaum,
a biologist from DePaul University, arrived on an early
season Hero cruise and participated in a September-
October 1978 Islas Orcadas cruise in the Weddell and
Scotia seas. He participated in a small portion of the
winter, hence the small photograph.
Pete Harding
Closeup of friend Pete...
w/o tribute from NSF
The end-of-winter message...
...and here is the unedited original w/o photo (2.9 mb)
The photo is from Glenn Grant.