Palmer Station Winter 1979

the 1979 Palmer winterovers
Above, the front side of the photo (large size, 1.4mb)

back side of the 1979 winterover photo
The identifying marks on the back of the photo!

Holmes & Narver
Allen Cull                      Cook
Jerry Kiewatt                   Medic
John Konecki                    Station Manager
Pat Kraker                      Engineer
Duane Ness                      Engineer
Jon Wells                       Communications

Neil Bernstein                Ornithology/SSL  University of Minnesota
Bill Earnhardt                LIDAR            Desert Research Institute (U. of Nevada)
Mark Faust                    LIDAR            Desert Research Institute (U. of Nevada)
Hal Scott (Scooter) Townsend  VLF              Stanford University 

No Antarctic Journal list was published.

Source: w/o photo, and Allen Cull. The photos are thanks to Glenn Grant. Here is
Glenn's older photo which I had up earlier.

Below: Allen Cull's photo of the winter group:
Back row from left: John Konecki, Neil Bernstein, Scooter Townsend, Duane Ness,
Jon Wells, Jerry Kiewatt

Front row: Pat Kraker, Allen Cull, Mark Faust, Bill Earnhardt