Palmer Station Winter 1985


...otherwise known as:
Sheldon Blackman            Communications
Sybil Carrère               UC Irvine--psychology
Jared Cook                  UC Santa Barbara--biology (krill)
HMCM Stan Dame              Corpsman             
Chris Dillon                Materials
Tom Hourigan                University of Hawaii--biology (Antarctic fishes) 
Harry M. (Touché) Howard    Washington State Univ.--air chemistry
Jim Lewis                   Station manager
Mike Michel                 UCLA--biology (krill)
Rocky Ness                  Facility engineer
John Garret Stone           Cook
Jim Stretch                 UCLA--biology (krill)
Meanwhile, this photo was on the back:
Palmer winterover spoof

I opted not to edit the colors on the above photo, for fear of messing with that interesting
Kellogg's Corn Flakes montage. The above photos are from Glenn Grant. The photos you
see below are from Tom Hourigan. Both Glenn and Tom helped identify the winterovers
you see in these photos.

(unedited w/o photo, 2.9 mb)
the 1985 winterovers
A group photo, perhaps an alternate for the w/o picture hanging in the stairwell.
the 1985 winterovers
And here is the group at the midwinter dinner.