Palmer Station Winter 1988

a cast of characters


Scot J. Bowes         painter
Thomas P. Brutscher   manager/FE
Mark D. DeGraff       electrician
Mark G. Harrington    carpenter
Michael L. Krause     electrician
John C. Myers         materials
John M. Platt         comms
Robert T. Taylor      chef

HMCM Hans Schmidt     medical

Source: back of photo...

Note that the above list matches the one published in the September 1988 Antarctic Journal.

This was the group that I spent the last 2-1/2 months of winter with...between August and October
when we installed the new generators. Including us construction folks there were 20 on site. I
watched the frame of this photo get cast in lead outside the front of GWR...anyway below is a
closeup of the photograph, along with a shot of the caption on the back:

well rounded group
leading the way