Palmer Station Winter 1990

new heights

Above, the enlarged photo from the original hanging in the GWR Rogues' Gallery:

up and away
The twelve intrepid Palmerites in the photo are listed below. This list doesn't quite
match the NSF Antarctic Journal list, which includes Dave Mobley as science tech,
but does not list Mike Butler. According to Ronnie Baltz, Mike was there all winter
(February-October, which means I must have met him); Dave Mobley was not.

Ronnie Baltz              Materials person
Mike Butler               Science tech
Tony F. D'Aoust           General field assistant
Matt Davidson             Carpenter
Andrew A. Deering         Station manager/facility engineer
Dennis (Beav) Deering     Power plant mechanic
Gregg A. Esche            Carpenter foreman
Dennis Miller             Cook
Al Oxton                  Communications tech
James (Thumper) Porter    Carpenter
Lisa Radke                Administrative assistant
Ed Whittle                Physician

Information sources: Antarctic Journal, June 1990, and the
above photo.

Photos: Glenn Grant.

[unedited original photo, 3.3mb]