ATHEY 1989

1989 summer Palmer folks around ATHEY

The ATHEY loader/forklift surrounded by 1989 Palmer winterovers and members of WINCRUISE III.

So, the deal was, the loader/forklift these folks are surrounding was a military all-terrain loader/forklift (it DID have forks as well as the bucket seen here, right?). I'm thinking it was brought in back in the 60's when the original station was constructed. I have seen photos of it at work at Palmer in 1977. But it was getting obsolete as it was a military item, the only parts available were from the military stock number system, and since it had such low mileage/hours, the rest of these in the military system had been surplused a long time before this photo was taken. Hence the need for me to come up with that new Skytrak forklift, which I ordered...and which showed up in March 1990 just before I left Palmer for the last time.

So who do we see here? ALL of the 1989 Palmer winterovers except for Richie Skane, as well as a number of WINCRUISE folks:
From left to right, Lisa Crockett, Ned Wilson, Pat Hassett, Tom Brutscher, Cathy Faggiani, Marcia Medford, Dick Wall, Bob Jahn (BJ), Robin Lamere, Dave Gallas, Patrick J Sullivan, Megan Bailiff, Jeanette Yen...and Dennis Hampton (Doc) in the wheel well!

With credits and thanks to Cathy Stettler for the photo and Dave Gallas for the names!