Palmer Station Winter 1997

the 1997 Palmer w/o photo
A night time view of the winterovers...with names on the photo!

Below, an enlarged and lightened view of the photograph itself:
1997 winterovers

Below, Dave Vella has matched the names with the faces:

the 1997 w/o's named

And the names:
Ronnie Baltz   manager
Mark Begnaud   electrician
Kevin Bliss    science tech
Dan Bronk      FEMC coordinator
Jaime Gallo    communications
Beth Haymond   GA
Pam Hill       inventory control
Peter Lund     network admin
Bob Lutes      physician
Al O'Kelly     power plant mechanic
Alex Papasavas cook
Marc Pomeroy   laboratory manager
Chris Riley    UT
LizAnn Rucker  materials
Craig Seeman   electrician
Dave Vella     UT

  The photos are thanks to Glenn Grant (full size unedited photo, 3.6 mb).