Palmer Station Winter 1998

out front

Here's the group in front of the station...but there is more...

snow day

An enlarged view of the group photo
full size unedited photo (2.2mb)

And here is the annotated signed version which identifies all of these characters:

naming names
  Lou Albershardt (logistics)
Ronnie Baltz (station manager)
Dave Benson (comms tech)
Julie Danford (logistics)
Christine Foley (plumbing)
Joel Foy (cook)
Mike Gallagher (plumber)
Chris Getz (sheet metal worker)
Glenn Grant (science tech)
Will Kirkpatrick (plumber helper)
Dean Klein (network administrator)
Ingrid Kohlstadt (physician)
Paul Kyllonen (equipment operator/mechanic)
David MacDonald (comms/ET)
Erica Nelson (GA)
Mark Novitsky (electrician)
Richard Perales (FMC coordinator)
Chris Riley (UT/mechanic)
Monika Schernthanner (carpenter)
Kevin Van Treek (carpenter helper)
Diane Witterlin (laboratory manager)
(unedited original signed photo, 3.4mb)