Palmer Station Winter 1999

piped in

The winterover picture at first glance...but the photo itself is behind Door #1:
(full size view of collage, 2.7 mb)

under cover operation

(full size unedited photo, 1.7 mb)

Okay, so what are we really looking at?

fancy stuff
Here's a view showing the main collage, with the photo
behind the lifted plywood panel.
sign on the dotted line
And here's a view of the names...which are probably:

                 Walter MacLaughlin
                 Robert Taylor
                 Matthew Bishop
                 Liesl Schernthanner
                 Jason Medley
                 Matt Shildneck
                 David Jennings
                 Shannon Womble
                 John Mielcarek
                 Vince Cox
                           Chris Cunning
                 Not listed above: Rob LaBarre and Johan Booth
  Nancy Swearengin
  Gary Wright
  Jacy Manzke
  Alana Jones
  Dean Klein
  Diane Wetterlin
  Carol Crossland

Okay, I checked Nadene Kennedy's official NSF Antarctic treaty records to decipher the signatures, and my analysis has been verified by someone who was there. It seems that this bunch of folks includes some who were only on station between July and September. Well, that is winter, I guess. There are 20 Palmerites depicted on that colorful plywood panel, and there were 20 people at Palmer when the photo was that is all.

Thanks to Glenn Grant for presenting this most interesting puzzle!