Palmer Station Winter 2003

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2003 winterovers

There are several versions of the winterover photo...above is one (the largest version) (large center photo)...

2003 winterovers

...and here's another version in color (largest version)

So who was there: Clockwise from the upper left corner, are:

Andrea Isgro (cook)
Chuck Kimball (comms tech)
Dan Lindberg (carpenter)
Paul Kyllonen (power plant)
G. Scott Jones (physician)
Sonja Wolter (laboratory manager)
John Shigo (materials)
Dave Kohring (IT)
Yubecca Bragg (materials)
Kerry Vigue (electrician)
George Ryan (waste)
Zenobia (Zee) Evans (UT)
Zan Stine (science tech)
Danielli Spears (carpenter helper)
Dave Tashner (carpenter)
Gerry (Rocky) Ness (manager)

Below...the midwinter greeting photo, with all of the same folks plus CMDR...

midwinter Palmer team

(CMDR (Mark Melcon) left when the LMG headed north on 24 June)

Thanks to Glenn Grant for the winterover photos!