Palmer Station Winter 2004

2004 winterovers

Here's that 2004 winterover group (large version) (large center photo)...

Dan Lindberg (carpenter)
Tonya Edwards (carpenter helper)
John Shigo (materials)
Dave Tashner (carpenter)
Danielli Spears (cook)
Sonja Wolter (laboratory manager)
Betty Carlisle (physician)
Yubecca Bragg (materials)
Phillipe Rafal (electrician)
Paul Daniels (UT)
Brandon Grantham (IT)
Chuck Kimball (comms tech)
Ildi Incze (waste)
Dave Koehlinger (plumber helper)
Gerry (Rocky) Ness (manager)
Jon Martin (FEMC coordinator)
Billie Dick (plumber)
Al O'Kelly (power plant)

Not pictured: Johan Booth (research associate)

Below is the central photo from the w/o picture; I've tried to adjust things a bit.

midwinter Palmer team 2004

Glenn Grant sent me the winterover photo... and helped with the last of the names, thanks!