Palmer Station Winter 2005

2005 winterover photo

Here's the winterover photo, yet another unique shape, representing the triangular IMS Building
(photo and list of names from Glenn Grant) (large size)

The list of names, clockwise from the top right:
  Ben Toth--logistics
Joe Speidel--carpenter
James Slaughter--station manager
Janice O'Reilly--lab supervisor
Erik Nichols--construction foreman
Stacie Murray--cook
Ted McKinley--carpenter
Kelvin Mar--physician
Henry Malmgren--network
Steve Jackson--carpenter
Dave Koehlinger--UT
Brad Kuehn--construction
Ildi Incze--waste
Sarah Haynes--carpenter apprentice
Glenn Grant--science tech
Randi Dixon--electrician
Darrell Bracey--mechanic
Cathy Borowski--logistics
Matt Bishop--carpenter
Pete Allen--comms

the w/o crew on the IMS stairs

Above is the central photo (by Kelvin Mar) from the above winterover picture...showing the 20 folks on hand for the second part of the winter, when some of the finishing touches were being put on the IMS Building is (more building photos)...

Below...the 2005 midwinter greeting sent out by Palmer Station--the crowd includes the 38 late summer Palmer Station folks as well as people from the Laurence M. Gould, which would depart Palmer Station on 24 June, leaving behind the crew of 20 for the remainder of the winter.

midwinter greeting