SATCOM Radome and Antenna Assembly

set in concrete
The first step...the six footings were poured in March and April 2002 using aggregate shipped down from Punta Arenas. After that, conduit and wireway was being installed from biolab and GWR to the satcom site (CW).
base stuff
Ironworkers visited briefly in July to assemble the base and set the equipment enclosure. They left the next week on the same cruise (CW).
pieces of floor
Laying the deck (CW).
under foot
A closer look at the decking (CW).
standup job
Beginning some of the electrical work inside the equipment enclosure/RF building (CW).
the lights are on but

Here's what it looked like a few weeks later after the permanent lighting was installed and the floor was completed(CW).
doors folks

Looking the other way, south towards the entry vestibule(CW).
a communications platform
Ready for the radome and antenna! (CW)
a good base
Here's how things looked when the comms and antenna/radome subcontractor (IDB) folks arrived (SW).
clear night

Step put the anntenna dish hub on the kingpost...since it would not fit through the finished radome door (SW).
just getting the hang of it
Here goes the first row of panels...while a welder is working away on the platform (CW).
stick it out
A closer view of the welder (CW).
The first row of panels...(SW)
tri angle
Another view of the first row of radome panels (CW).

Keep going, we're not done yet!