The HERO in Bay Center 2010

familiar green boat

That's right! All of the photos on these pages were taken in August and September 2010! (JL)

The update...previous owner Bill Wechter of Newport, OR, sold the vessel in the summer of 2008 and towed it to this location in Bay Center, WA in September. The exact location...Bay Center is located on Goose Point Peninsula on the east side of Willapa Bay, Washington, off of US 101 about 40 miles north of Astoria, Oregon. The HERO is docked just south of town along Bay Center Dike Road. And it has been docked at this depicted location ever since. I've spoken to the current owner, who would prefer that I not mention his name or contact information. He actually now lives in Seattle, but he comes down here occasionally on weekends to look after his pride and joy. He's done a bit of preservation work, but as you can see, this wooden boat isn't getting any younger.

Most of these photos are by Antarctic friend Jon Lingel (JL), who lives in Astoria and drove up on 7 August to take pictures for me. Others are by TomDeVries (TDV) who was the science leader on a couple of cruises in the early 80s. He took his pictures on 4 September.

What might be the first glimpse as you drive north on Dike Road (JL).
an icebreaker
Closer view of the bow (JL).
head starboard
And another (TDV).
Another view(JL).
drive on
Another front view...yes, the upper wheelhouse deck is wrapped up for preservation (JL).
an icebreaker
Looking at the main deck amidships (JL).
side glance
Another side view (TDV).
all wrapped up
Another view of the wheelhouse and wrapped-up upper bridge (JL).
get back
Here's a view approaching on Dike Road from the south (JL).
And a bit closer...(JL)
Hero shot
The stern on a sunny day (TDV)
sail away
The Hero in the sun (TDV).
trawly now
A closer view of the stern...(JL)
please, forward
...and the rest of the vessel from aft (JL)
radar range?

Looking up the mizzen mast, which was extended a bit after original construction to hold some of the electronics (JL).
land ho

The mainmast with the crow's nest. When I was last on board in 2006 things were too dicey for anyone to climb up (JL).
rock and roll
The superstructure from straight on (JL).
please, forward
To finish...this view of the entire vessel from the same angle (JL)

Many thanks to both Jon and Tom. Oh, I do have a few new photos from 2012 here.