The HERO...and the Palmer Team 77 reunion in Newport

ship ahoy

In October 2006, I was an honorary member of the Palmer Team 77 reunion in Newport, where the Hero was docked. It seems that there was 100% attendance of the surviving winterovers..and a few other Palmer and Hero people! Here is my picture of where we got together.

The owner, Bill Wechter, graciously offered us the free run of the vessel, he even cleaned out some of the cabins for some of us to sleep aboard...but we opted to stay at a nearby motel which had better amenities not to mention a conference room where we could share our photos.

Next, some of my photos in and around the Hero...I'll start below decks:

fresh fruit was here
A view of the empty galley lounge.
something is cooking about the HERO

Was the cabinetry at Palmer Station based on this style??
home of the cats

Looking into the engine spaces.
sleeping cat

The dead port engine is in the background.

Looking forward up the ladders, or, looking up the stairs and toward the front of the boat...
science was here

The which Bill Wechter had set up some of the old displays that he acquired along with the vessel.
just down the hall

Another interior passageway view.

Hmmm, I think I'm in comms looking toward the head. Help is needed here.
main deck

On the main deck, starboard side looking aft.
hold on
Isn't this the beer cooler?
take the helm
The wheelhouse. I DID visit this spot during the reunion but without my camera, so these two pictures are from 1986 in Reedsport when caretaker Jay Morrison was showing me around.
looking forward and back in time

Looking forward at the main deck from the wheelhouse. Remember this is 1986 in Reedsport, you can see the Highway 1 bridge over the Umpqua river in the background.
green heart?
A couple of closeup views of the hull. Remember in the old days all of the stuff could just get pumped overboard.
bow wake
The starboard bow. I understand the ice shield was removed from the port side.

Next, a few pictures of the people...