R/V Hero in November 2018

the Hero on 4 November 2018
I visited Oregon for a week at the end of October 2018, including 4 days in Portland and 3 in Astoria, where I'd lived and worked for 16 months in 1985-86. I hadn't been back since except for once in 1992 when I drove through without stopping. Anyway, on Sunday November 4th I met up with Antarctic friend Jon Lingel, and we drove north to Bay Center, Washington. Here's the first look.

a closer look at the stern
A closer look at the stern. That mast has seen better days.       
the stern of the Hero

The stern from a slightly different angle. Obviously, most of the dock is missing. When we were there it was about 2-1/2 hours past high tide.

a view closer to the bow
A view from closer to the bow.
a view from the bow end
And another.
what once was the proud RV Hero
One more view from the stern end.
a hero shot in front of the Hero
To prove I was there, here's Jon's photo of me in front of the Hero. Doh, I didn't take any hero shots of Jon.
the house across the road from the dock
This is the house directly across the road from the dock. Sun Feather Light Dancer (who had been the Hero's owner--the vessel is now owned by the State of Washington) still lives here. The man on the bicycle went up to the house, but he didn't look like Sun Feather, so I assumed he was renting a room and did not talk to him.
the house across the road
Another view of the house, it was hard to photograph because of the sun angle.

Next...autumn 2021...the end is near...upcoming salvage removal.