Palmer Station Winter 2018

the 2018 winterover photo
Here is the naked unframed version of the 2018 winterover photo as it is seen in the GWR stairwell...which did have to be adjusted somewhat to accommodate the frame insets while still showing everyone.

the 2018 winterover photo
And here's the framed version including the detailed insets...all this was created by Richard Osburn, Joshua Neff, and Ian Mannix. Here's the documentation of the frame art creation from Richard Osburn.

Palmer 2018 midwinter greeting card
Here's the official midwinters greeting card which went out to other Antarctic stations and the rest of the world. The Laurence M. Gould headed north on 15 June, but this photo features and names everyone--winterovers, the departing summer people, and the LMG crew.

grab from the NSF midwinter video
Oh...this year we have something new--a midwinter video! This was excerpted from a 3-station midwinter video that NSF posted on Facebook...and posted by Jake Grondin, one of three grantees from Bill Detrich's lab at Northeastern University who are wintering to study notothenioid fishes. Enjoy!

the 2018 midwinter dinner setting
A few days later, the midwinter dinner was held (oh, there were also some polar plunges). Here's the table setting; this photo from Mike Rice.

Midwinter dinner party
And here's the dinner crowd...well, presumably all but the photographer Joshua Neff
who provided this photo (it also appeared in the Antarctic Sun station report archives).

2018 MW dinner menu
And here's the midwinter dinner menu...planned and created by chef Kristen Vawter with lots of help!