Skytrak Forklift Hail and Farewell

the new forklift in March 1990
My March 1990 photo of the brand-new Skytrak forklift, which had just been delivered by the Polar Duke.
2019 winterovers in front of the forklift
Here are some of the 2019 winterovers posed in front of the now 30-year-old piece of equipment which had transmission issues and was about to be retired.
forklift hero shot
Posing in front of old equipment must be a Palmer the end of the 1989 winter and after WINCRUISE 1989, here are the Palmer folks in front of the ATHEY forklift which the Skytrak would replace (details and credits).
saying goodbye
Saying goodbye (and getting ready to prepare the rigging for loading it aboard the Gould.
loading the forklift aboard the LMG
Loading the forklift aboard the Laurence M. Gould (Marissa Goerke photo from Guy Thomerson).
loading the forklift aboard the LMG
A closer view of the loading.
The forklift in the Gould hold
Here's the forklift safely secured in the Gould's hold for the trip north (Mike Woodward photo).

All of these photos are from Kris Perry except as indicated.